Core4 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Core4 principles?

  • Performance Planning and monitoring – Clear and agreed accountability
  • Authentic One to One relationships between leaders and team members
  • Effective team collaboration
  • Participative decision making

What are the purposes of the Core4 Management System?

Management System: To develop a commonly understood participative management system for the entire organization.
Team Building: To develop an environment that has high morale, is participatory, rewarding, humane for staff, and team oriented.
Results & Joy: To increase the organization’s results and bring joy to the workplace.

This sounds like Management 101, what’s different about Core4?

A prospective client writes “We do performance planning, encourage manager-employee relationships, have regular team-building activities and get people involved in decisions. What can you teach us?”

If you are using all four, congratulations! You are in the minority of companies. The bigger question is what kind of results are you getting? I have a few questions:

  • How would you rate employee engagement: High or Low?
  • How would you rate team execution, once a decision is made? High or Low
  • How would you rate teamwork? High or Low
  • How would you rate the effectiveness of the performance evaluation process? High or Low
  • How would you rate your managers’ – employee relationships? High or Low
  • How would you rate your managers and employees in accountability? High or Low
  • If any of your answers are less than high or if things are working well in one area of the business and not another, Core4 can help.

Core4 is about applying a system that uses the Core4 principles in a sustainable set of processes. Like the four legs of a chair, if any one of them is not solid and connected, the chair (and management execution) becomes wobbly and dangerous. A significant business challenge is the consistent application of management principles, Core4 can help by teaching the principles and work with your management team to adopt them within the whole company.

What is Core4?

  • It is a Management System
    • Incorporating the Core4 principles
      • Performance Planning and monitoring
      • One to one relationships
      • Collaborative Teamwork
      • Participative Decision making
    • Supporting topics including; Delegation, Time Management, Personal Care, effective Meeting Management.
    • Workflow for performance planning, meetings and informed decision making.
  • It is a Pathway to installing the management system
    • Interactive learning
    • Personal coaching
    • Whole team participation in training
  • It is a set of concepts and principles
    • Results and Joy
    • Clarity and Agreement
    • Authentic relationships vs. control
    • Addresses what humans need from work
    • Empowerment
    • Focus on results and accountability
  • It is leadership skills
    • Knowing which tool to use in specific situations
    • Developing the confidence to engage individuals and team in achieving results
    • Building accountability at the individual level
    • Setting the example as the coach

What are the Emphases of the Core4 program?

Agenda Sources: Agenda for the Core4 training sessions come from two sources:

  • The organization itself – Team members are expected to bring examples from their current role: joys, needs, challenges, concerns, and recommendations to the sessions.
  • The Core4 program – The content of the Core4 System is contained in a workbook and comprises the curriculum for ten half-day sessions.

Focus on People:

The Core4 program focuses on communication, people connections, organizational life, human relations, more than on other facets of management (such as budgeting, marketing, etc.).

Team Training:

This program is for a leader and all the team members s/he directly supervises (usually three to ten people).

How long is the Core4 program?

The Core4 Management System is implemented over a period of approximately one year. The pathway to implementation is conducted in 10 half-day sessions with the entire management team. In addition, the Certified Core4 Consultant observes one to one and team meetings. In addition, the program includes individual coaching with the leader and team members.

What results do organizations achieve with Core4?

Our clients have discovered that Core4…

  • Improves communication and collaboration
  • Develops fully functioning teams
  • Successfully engages the full brain power available within the organization
  • Moves organizations from a culture of “Control” to a culture of Trust and accountability
  • Aligns the executive leadership team, improving results and increases a sense of joy
  • Establishes management norms throughout the organization
  • Improves leadership and builds leaders
  • Creates and strengthens management skills

Why do organizations implement Core4?

  • To implement consistent people management practices
  • Help organizations that have outgrown their old management system (if there was one at all)
  • Help a management team to work together
  • Lack of accountability by team members
  • To improve management – employee relations
  • To increase employee engagement
  • Organizational goals are not being met.
  • The organization wants to move from entrepreneurial to professional management
  • Preparing the next generation of family business leaders

My team is virtual, can Core4 be implemented via the web?

Yes. Due to the long-distance nature of virtual teams, the Core4 concepts of clarity/agreement and authentic leader/team member relationships are critical.

The Core4 program has been successfully delivered using web and audio conferencing. In one case, team members of a software development company were located in six locations and three different time zones. The core4 program used cloud-based Google Apps technology to enhance real-time collaboration during the training sessions.

If you are interested in training a leadership team with remote team members, contact Core4 to discuss how the program can be tailored to meet your unique needs and reduce associated travel expenses.

Do you conduct diagnostic testing of the team?

Yes. Core4 uses an evaluation tool developed by Professor J. Richard Hackman of Harvard. Hackman is the author of two significant books on teamwork; Leading Teams, Setting the Stage for Great Performances and co-author of Senior Management Teams, What it takes to make them great.