What our Clients say

Leadership Team, LancasterHistory.org

Leadership Team, LancasterHistory.org
“Holding regular one-to-one meetings: it’s so simple, but so brilliant!”
“We LOVE the proposal process!”
“I feel more accountable to others.”
“I’m working differently with my colleague.”
“I’ve been given the structure I crave. It makes me more productive.”

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Mr. Sam Beiler, CEO Auntie Anne’s

Sam Beiler


“I believe with Core4 fully implemented throughout our company for the last several years, it has positively impacted our sales and relationships with our stakeholders. We are outperforming our peers by a long shot at the top and bottom line.”




Mr. Ed Brubaker, President & CEO, Living Branches

Ed Brubaker


“For me, the strength of Core4 is the collaborative approach to decision making. Through brainstorming and proposal writing, individuals and teams are encouraged to seek what is best for the organization and its mission, leveraging individual and team strengths to get to the best solution.”




Mr. Kevin King, Executive Director, Mennonite Disaster Service

Kevin King


“Core4 Management has been an incredibly valuable resource to Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) through many phases of development. They were helpful in ramping up our $8 million response to Hurricane Katrina with staffing and “right-sizing” post Katrina, revamping our bylaws, board structure, strategic planning and ongoing board and executive director development. I consider them not just business associates but true friends to enhance the mission of MDS.”



Mr. Russ DeRemer, Founder & CEO, Epiphany Cardio

Russ DeRemer

“Epiphany Cardio is a Healthcare Information Technology company with approximately 35 employees currently, growing at +25% per year. We deliver our services throughout the US and abroad. Many of our middle managers were promoted from within as our organization grew, and as a result, had no prior experience managing people. Core4 gave us a structured format to introduce the concepts of monthly 1+1 meetings with each of our team members. The team also benefited from the communication skills portions of the program; since many in the management team had never had to counsel an employee prior to their current position. As the CEO of Epiphany, one of my favorite outcomes benefits from the Core 4 process was to recreate our annual employee evaluations. Core 4 helped us improve and streamline the process, eliminating a time sinkhole. My assessment is that the investment in Core4 paid off for Epiphany Cardio.”