Message from our CEO

Nearly three decades ago, I met Chester A. Raber, Ph.D. Chet was working for Lancaster, PA based High Industries, training their management teams on how to become participative managers. He had developed a “management system” that he named “The Greenfield Management System”. Chet also rode bicycle, and I geared up to join him on extended rides. It was during these rides that Chet taught me how to thrive as a manager.

My passion is to help others in leadership to thrive, but what does this mean?

Today’s workforce in North America mirrors the larger culture; employees want to have more say, they want to work with others who respect them as people and as “producers,” they expect to have both challenge and support, and they do NOT want to have a rigid, uncaring, non-listening boss. Most individuals, since the Enlightenment or even the Reformation have been looking to be freed of the authoritarian leader. The interesting fact is that when people get to participate, they take stronger ownership, the organization’s mission is more likely to be fulfilled, and everyone feels a sense of joy and excitement.

Our mission: To bring results and joy to the workplace.

Becoming a thriving organization takes work. The leaders must learn new skills, practice them consistently, and get the insight and guidance of an individual and team coach. I along with Chet and others have updated the Greenfield Management System and renamed it the Core4 Management System. Core4 is focused on four principals, performance planning, one on one relationships, teamwork and the participative decision process. We work with the leader and their whole team in an interactive process of discovery, coaching and training designed to help your team deliver results and joy.

It is my guarantee that the Core4 Management System will deliver on its promise to improve results and to bring joy.

This is not a casual commitment, either from me or from the Executive who signs up for the Core4 program. No matter where your organization is today, connecting at the individual and at the team levels will introduce change, establish accountability, drive openness, and instill trust.
I invite you to come along on this journey of inclusion and participation.

James G. Landis